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As you all know, I love to capture moments with my camera, and on top of that, I love to explore different places where I have never been before. Today, I was arranging my collection of images and stepped upon some of my favorite photos from the last weekend of the previous month- we went to the Viveros Gardens. These photos also won me an award (will discuss it later in the article). And then suddenly, a thorough clicks into my mind that I should share my experience with you guys, and look, I am here J!

For this delightful trip, I asked my sister to accompany me. My cute little niece was also with us. It was a perfect family outing, and we were all excited to explore the wonders of the Viveros Gardens.

After having my lunch and completing some house chores, I went to my sister’s house, and as always, she wasn’t ready yet. Ahh… it’s always frustrating for me that I have to wait in her drawing room when she takes ages to get ready! I still don’t understand what takes her too long. Well, after ages of her preparation, we finally got in the car and, within half an hour, reached the garden.”

The moment we entered the gardens, I could feel a sense of tranquility and history in the air. My niece, in particular, was brimming with excitement.

Her wide-eyed wonder and infectious enthusiasm warmed my heart, and I knew I wanted to capture that moment forever. Armed with my camera, I set out to not only snap photos of my niece but also to capture the beauty of the garden itself.

Amidst the greenery of Viveros Gardens, I discovered that every petal, every tree, and every smile captured through my lens had a story waiting to be shared with the world.

The Viveros Gardens, also known as the Royal Gardens or Jardines del Real, hold a rich history. They were once home to a grand palace, a testament to Valencia’s royal heritage. Although the palace was lost during the Peninsular War, the gardens retain their regal charm.

What struck me most about the Viveros Gardens was their unique atmosphere. Unlike the nearby Turia Park, which I visited once last year, Viveros offers a more relaxed environment. Families gathered here on sunny weekends, children running joyfully across the park’s green expanses. Parents could unwind at the park’s bars, a perfect spot to enjoy a sunny afternoon.

One notable feature of the Viveros Gardens is the stunning rose garden, designed in concentric circles, which creates a mesmerizing display of colors and fragrances. Moreover, the presence of the Museum of Natural Sciences, with its intriguing exhibits, including the full skeleton of a Megatherium, adds to the park’s allure. You can also enjoy watching exotic birds in large cages and educating your children about traffic rules in a small driving park.

Despite its proximity to Turia Park, Viveros stands out as a traditional city park with its distinct character. Unlike Turia, biking is prohibited here, which makes it a great place for leisurely strolls. Additionally, the park once housed Valencia’s zoo until the modern BioParc was established in 2007.

We spent almost 3 hours there and didn’t feel that it was almost evening; my niece also felt tired, so we made our way back home, carrying with us the vivid memories of our time in this beautiful garden.

Three things I liked the most about the Viveros Gardens are:

  • Learning about the park’s royal past and seeing the remnants of the palace’s history was truly captivating. It added a layer of depth to our visit.
  • The concentric rose garden was a visual treat. Walking amidst vibrant blooms and inhaling the sweet scent of roses was a delightful experience.
  • The Viveros Gardens provided a perfect setting for a family outing. The relaxed environment and attractions like the Museum of Natural Sciences made it an ideal place to spend quality time and take some amazing photos.

And now, the most important part of today’s article: how did this visit won me an award? Well, let me tell you the whole story: I was sitting one day scrolling my social media feed, and I saw a post about a local photography contest. I decided to apply. As we all know, every photo contest has some criteria or theme that we should follow while submitting our images for the competition. Luckily, that contest’s main theme revolved around the images of 9-10-year-old kids enjoying their favorite place.

As soon as I read this theme, I thought of the images of my niece that I took during our visit to Viveros Gardens. I edited those images to make them look fresh and submitted them to the contest with my fingers crossed.

As the days passed, I anxiously awaited the results of the contest. After about a week, I received an email that I had won! My heart swelled with pride as I realized that the moments I had captured in the Viveros Gardens had resonated with others, just as they had with me and my family on that day.

Winning the contest was not just about receiving an award for me; it gave me new confidence. Believe me, while I am writing this article, I am having the same feelings as I had when I won the contest. It was a big achievement for me.

And I believe that you must have achieved many milestones in your life as well. So, don’t forget to share those achievements with us in the comments.